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Local Veterinary Services

in the Charleston Area


Preventive Health
& Senior Care

At Grand Oaks Animal Hospital, we acknowledge the significance of averting diseases in your pet. Our suggestions may range from a diet change to tailored physical therapy. Our veterinarian suggests that you have annual blood tests done for your pet to help identify diseases early. For senior pets, we recommend that you bring them to our veterinary hospital bi-annually to address any issues that could arise as they age.

Dental Care

Dental health is extremely important in pets. Tartar, gingivitis, and tooth decay are issues that happen over time in many pets. Dental disease is a continual source of infection for your pet's heart, kidney, and other vital organs. It may also cause discomfort. Our veterinary hospital has state-of-the-art equipment, including digital dental X-rays. We are well-qualified in the newest dental techniques. We strive to educate you on the importance of dental care so that your pet can stay happy and strong for years to come.

Ear Disease

Ear disease or "otitis" is one of the most commonplace diseases that we treat at Grand Oaks Animal Hospital. This disease is often caused by core allergies that your pet has. It regularly results in shaking and rubbing of the ears or face. At Grand Oaks Animal Hospital, our goal is to treat your pet's ears so that we can resolve the current infection and avoid future infections

Heartworm & Flea Prevention

Heartworm and flea protection have come to be more useful and simpler to use in recent years. We appreciate that each pet has unique needs, which is why we will build a protocol to ensure that we avoid heartworms and fleas for your pet. We receive all products directly from the manufacturer, and we have a warranty on them.

Many online pharmacies do not buy their products right from the manufacturer, and some of the products purchased for those pharmacies are from overseas. Our prices are frequently lower than internet pharmacies because we are provided rebates or get-one-free programs. Your pet's health and wellbeing are of our utmost importance.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying or neutering is vital to regulate the pet population and reduce unnecessary behaviors. We strive to make the spaying or neutering process as simple and pain-free as feasible for your pet. Our veterinarian takes several precautionary steps, including placing an IV catheter to provide fluids before, during, and after anesthesia. This plays an essential role in providing comfort after surgery and blocking kidney disease in the future.

Our team will wear sterile gowns and gloves for this practice and use sterile tools and sutures. We have a dedicated surgery room that is prepared exclusively for this purpose. Your pet's blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, heart rate, and rhythm will be monitored throughout. We also concentrate on pain management by providing three different pain medications during surgery. All sutures we use are under the skin and dissolve.


Vaccines are a crucial part of preserving your pet's health. We have completed extensive research to decide the safest and most useful vaccines for your pet.


X-rays are another tool that we use at Grand Oaks Animal Hospital to identify a range of various health troubles, including fractured bones and cancer. It is a critical part of diagnosing many diseases. Our veterinarian and team have spent countless hours training with radiologists to become skilled in imaging your pet.


Ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, is a tool used to pinpoint a variety of various diseases and illnesses. Our veterinarian and team have spent many hours training with radiologists to become proficient in imaging your pet.

In-House Laboratory

There are a variety of different illnesses and diseases that can be diagnosed through blood work. Kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, and infections are a few of the problems we may identify with our equipment.

OFA Certification

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is designed to help counteract the breeding of dogs with genetic orthopedic difficulties. Our veterinarian can take the necessary X-rays on-site and send them off to radiologists for further evaluation. It is important to talk about this with our team before breeding your pet.

Soft Tissue Surgery

At Grand Oaks Animal Hospital, we have a roomy surgery suite with innovative equipment that may be needed to carry out most surgeries. Our veterinarian is adept in many soft tissue surgeries. These include spay and neuter, enterotomy, gastrotomy, cystotomy, splenectomy, gastropexy, tumor elimination, and beyond.

New and Existing Patients

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